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Manage POP3 access to cmail mailboxes

Configures access to cmail mailboxes via the POP3 daemon. In order to be able to access mail via POP3, cmail-popd must be running, the accessing user must have the use of POP enabled by this tool and present valid credentials, which may be configured with cmail-admin-user.

Building & Prerequisites

The following packages are required for building this utility (Debian packages are listed) A build of only this specific binary can be initiated by running make from within cmail-admin/popd in the main repository. A build of all administration utilities may be initiated by running make from within cmail-admin/.

Setup information

The utility is automatically installed to a location accessible by the administrator with the make install step of the installation (/usr/sbin/ by default).


This utility needs read and write access to the master database AS WELL AS the folder containing it. The location of the master database file is assumed to be /etc/cmail/databases/master.db3 by default and can be overridden by specifying either the --dbpath command line option or the CMAIL_MASTER_DB environment variable when running this utility.

Specifying the --help argument to an invocation prints additional information about the utility.

The cmail-admin utilities operate in one of several modes, as specified in the table below. Modes may optionally accept mode-specific arguments. Changes in cmail configuration databases become active immediately, requiring no restart of the system.

Modes of operation

Mode Arguments
variable [optional] verbatim
Description Example
list [expression] List all users currently able to access their mail via POP, as well as their current lock state. Optionally, filter the list for entries matching expression. cmail-admin-popd list mpease%
enable user Enable POP access for user. cmail-admin-popd enable cbdev
unlock user Unlock the maildrop for user. This is an emergency option and should only be used after making sure there are no more active connections to the mailbox. cmail-admin-popd unlock mpease
disable user Disable POP access for a user. cmail-admin-popd disable cbdev